What is an F1 loan?


F1 loans are an interest rate adjustment loan where you have a fixed interest rate for 1 year. An F1 loan gives you the opportunity to adjust the interest rate and it typically gives you the lowest performance. The interest rate adjustment can be done at no cost.

An F1 loan, like other interest rate adjustable loans, can have a maturity of up to 30 years and is used especially in connection with home purchases. There are many considerations you need to do before you, for example. choose a F1 loan over a fixed rate loan. The decision should largely reflect your risk appetite and personal finances.


Advantages and disadvantages of F1 loans

Advantages and disadvantages of F1 loans

There are advantages and disadvantages of all types of loans and we will here address the most important, by an F1 loan. It can hopefully help you make the right decision according to your needs when choosing a loan type:


  • Low monthly service
  • Good savings opportunities
  • Low interest rates


  • Floating rate
  • Risk of increase in performance
  • The loan is non-convertible


There is no doubt that an F1 loan requires air in the economy, which allows you to handle a higher performance in selected periods. It will be during periods when interest rates rise. You can always choose to reschedule your F1 loan, to a fixed-rate loan and achieve greater security, but it is always about having feelings with interest rate developments.


Interest rate on F1 loans

Your interest rate on an F1 loan will always be individual, so you should always examine your options thoroughly. Nevertheless, F1 loans are known for their very low interest rates, although they are variable. Interest on F1 loans will also depend on the loan amount, maturity, etc.


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