Sometimes we go through certain moments in life where the only solution is to take out a loan. But there are so many options on the market that we get lost, we do not even know where to start looking.

But today, let’s talk a little about the Personal Payday Loan, a great option in the market. Follow our suggestions below:


What is the Personal Payday Loan?

What is the Personal Payday Loan?

The Personal Payday Loan is a national company and was established in 2015. The company uses the web services application called “uCreditz”. Both brands belong to CMA Inc.., Which is a banking correspondent duly authorized by the ACB Bank. Therefore, it is not a financial institution.

In response to a requirement made by the ACB Bank, the two brands were unified and from April 2019 only the “uCreditz” brand will be used. That is, there will no longer be the name Personal Payday Loan.

The Personal Payday Loan is a portal for requests for financial products. Any payment is directly made to the financial institutions they represent.

The company offers the payroll loan, which is a form of loan where the payment of the installments is directly discounted on the salary or retirement of those who hired.

Overall, they are the lowest interest rates on the market. This is because the risk of default is very low.

It is important to note that the amount of the installment can not exceed 30% of the salary or benefit received.


Who can hire the payroll loan?

Unfortunately, it is not everyone who can apply for a payroll loan.

See who can benefit:

  • Retired / INSS pensioner;
  • Federal / state / municipal public official;
  • Employee of private companies that are agreed with the requested financial institution.

Private-sector employees will have somewhat higher interest rates because of the risks of not having financial stability. But, yet, interest rates are lower than other modalities.


What are the benefits of payday loan?


  • Interest rates are lower than the other types due to the lower risk of default;
  • There is not much bureaucracy and money is released quickly;
  • The loans are longer. Generally, the term is 84 months, but there are banks that make up to 120 months;
  • It is one of the best options for negativados, because most of the times the companies do not consider the restrictions, since other points of the capacity of payment are evaluated;
  • There is no requirement of guarantor or guarantor;
  • All site data is encrypted. That is, you navigate safely.


How to hire a loan through the website?

How to hire a loan through the website?

Just download the “uCreditz” application. So, just register your data, if there is a proposal compatible with your need, just send the documents and wait for the analysis. If it is approved, the money goes into your checking account.

The application also offers a detailed comparison with the proposals of each bank. And yet there is how to check customer reviews, approval rates and other information pertaining to each bank.

But remember, it is always important to analyze the importance of the loan and whether you will be able to afford the new expenses related to the installments.

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